Fighting the status quo with coffee


Mutiny is a rebellion. We are here to set an example of environmental, social and economic responsibility. We know nothing is perfect, but we can achieve more if we set the bar high. There’s a better way to do business. Join the rebellion!


Mutiny's Goals:



  • Create an atmosphere of integrity

  • Create a culture of service

  • Practice empathy

Social Responsibility

  • Provide employees with living wages and benefits

  • Prioritize mental and physical health of all employees

  • Model a safe and supportive environment for everyone


  • Minimize our carbon footprint

  • Support producers committed to improving environmental and social health

  • Innovate to create effective and efficient systems

 We want to protect the environment. We want to empower the powerless. We want to spread love and empathy. We want to drink a cup of coffee with you. We want to end poverty. We want to create a safe place.

Founded by John Gibbons in 2020, Mutiny Coffee Roasters is a project built on a decade's experience in the industry. Since his first job as a barista in 2010, John has held nearly every available position in a cafe/roastery. While experiencing all the joys of working in the coffee industry, he has also seen the problems associated with it. John’s mission is to set an example of responsible business practices for the betterment of our planet.